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60 Gladstone Street Southbank VIC 3006


All car manufacturers paint new vehicles in waterborne paints, but approx. 50% of Australia’s smash repair workshops still use solvent paints. At South City, we aim to return your car as close to pre-accident condition as possible while also doing our part for the environment, this is why we use Standox Waterborne paint. Standox has now attained approvals from all leading manufacturers, proving our products meet the quality specifications of the OEM car makers.

Accurate colour reproduction and an immaculate finish are key to perfect repair. Automotive refinishing technicians at South City have the advantage of measuring colours quickly and directly on the vehicle body with a Standox digital colour matching spectrometer. This technology along with the experience of our paint technicians helps us achieve a perfect colour match and finish.


Expert paint refinishing technicians and the best OEM approved paint.

  • Perfect colour match every time
  • Environmentally friendly waterborne paint system
  • Highly experienced professional paint technicians
  • We get the job done right — the first time
  • Weekend drop off and pick up available


  • What does OEM stand for?

    OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer. When referring to auto parts or paint, OEM refers to the manufacturer of the original equipment or paint, that is, the parts and paint used during the construction of a new vehicle. In contrast, aftermarket parts are those made by companies other than the OEM.

  • How is waterborne paint better for the environment?

    The environmental benefits can be measured by comparing the amount of volatile organic components (VOCs) in both solvent and waterborne paints. Ready-to-use conventional base-coats have a VOC solvent content of around 84%, whereas a typical waterborne base-coat is composed of about 70% water and 10% solvent. The health risks of VOCs include: eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, loss of coordination, nausea, damage to the liver, kidney and central nervous system. Some VOCs are also suspected of causing cancer in humans.

  • How do you ensure a perfect colour match?

    Achieving a flawless colour match requires a combination of equipment and expertise. First the paint code is found so that the manufacturer colour can be identified (each individual colour has a unique paint code). Then a spectrometer reading is compared against the Standox colour database and the closest match variation is chosen. If further colour adjustment is required, the painters prepare the colour and adds small amounts of additional colour to adjust the colour for a perfect match. A sample spray out is used to compare the paint mixture with the colour already on the vehicle, once this visual check has confirmed the accuracy of the colour the paint can be applied to the vehicle. Our technicians also use the latest colour fading techniques in order to give the most seamless finish.

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